Using Youtube to be a bit Better Off

There are tons of ways to care for your mental health that we’ve talked about already: exercise, socialization, meditation, coloring, cooking, etc. One thing that we’ve yet to bring up is youtube. If you know me, you know I generally try to stay away from social media for my mental health, but one thing that I’ve found is that youtube has a great balance between social entertainment and informational content. Here are five youtube channels that could help your mental health and overall wellbeing.

Better Ideas:

This is one that I’ve discovered just recently over quarantine. As the name loosely implies, the content is centered around taking concepts present in pretty much everyone’s life and providing a fresh take on them with realistic advice. The brief psychological background in the videos makes them easy to understand while contextualizing struggles associated with familiar things such as happiness and productivity. The concise videos are quick and information, and when taken to heart can have a positive impact on your overall life, which naturally includes your mental health.

Here’s the link to the channel:

Athlean X & SaraBethYoga:

These are two fitness channels that I’ve found to be really good. Getting exercise in is an amazing way to improve your mental health, it releases dopamine (the feel good hormone) and other chemicals in your brain that lift your mood and can reduce anxiety and stress. Athlean-X is my first choice, because of its science based approach and easy to follow workouts. The rigor is adjustable for different levels from beginner to very experienced, which has been great for me as my consistency hasn’t been very… consistent during quarantine. Further, many of the workouts and exercises can be done at home with little to no equipment. SaraBethYoga has been my go to for yoga once a week. It’s a great way to release some stress and improve mobility, while being much less strenuous than other forms of exercise. The yoga routines are pretty chill, easy to follow, and again can vary in difficulty. This makes it easy to start as a beginner, and convenient to develop your practice with time. Here are their links:


Athlean-XX for Women: 



I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Ted Talks, and have seen a good few before. The format is simple, a speaker has 18 minutes to share their experience or understanding of a topic with the world. Content obviously varies, from Becoming a Memory Master to Kid Cudi speaking at his old high school to “philosophy for a happy life”. There’s always something unique to be learnt in Ted talks, and a huge chunk of it can be applied to live your life in a more healthy or enjoyable way. At the same time as finding entertainment and enrichment through videos like “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator” you can be enlightened my experienced perspectives on “How to Have a Better Conversation” (my personal favorite). I really encourage you to explore the channel from time to time to see what you can learn about. There are a handful of hyperlinked video’s I enjoyed, but here’s the channel link to explore for yourself.



Elliot Choy:
This is another one that I’ve stumbled upon during quarantine. Elliot Choy is a student at Vanderbilt University who posts college vlogs as well as self improvement/productivity videos. I know a lot of our readers are high school seniors, so his content could be interesting as well as informational. I’m also currently trying to convince him to do an interview for Heads Up Teens.
Elliot Choy: 

So give these a look when you have a chance, but don’t use them to procrastinate 🙂 Have a great day everyone!

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