Suicide Hotlines and What To Do If They Don’t’ Work Out

Suicide hotlines are something extremely important for helping people that might be
struggling. There have been many stories of people who have gotten better through these
amazing services!! However, there have also been stories of those who did not have the
best experience through this hotline. An example of a bad experience with this hotline
happened to a friend of mine. After calling, the police came to his house and basically
threatened him.
This is why I believe it is important for people to know more free resources aside from this
hotline, since, if it goes wrong, it can cause people to give up afterward and that must not
If, by any chance, you get a bad experience, it is important to keep a clear mind. Doing
breathing exercises ( ) journaling to let
your feelings out in a healthy way, or even watching videos that make you happy can help
with that.
There are also many other sites filled with people willing to talk to you and hear your
problems out, such as

  • 7cups (
  • Mind allies ( (it states it’s from the
    uk but you can text them from anywhere)
  • blah therapy (
  • Iprevail (

I want to state, none of these websites should be replacements from getting professional
help, but they are still reliable sources that you can take into consideration.
Here is an article for finding help when you might be struggling financially
I really hope you know your life is worth it and you matter!! Please remember to take care of
yourself and be kind to yourself.

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