National Suicide Hotline


Mental Health America Hotline

Text MHA to 741741

Crisis Textline

Text CONNECT to 741741


1.IBME (Inward Bound Mindfulness Education). An organization that is built on the premise of educating people to better communicate, listen, self-analyze, and make ethical decisions. On their website is linked blogs, recorded meditations, mindfulness lessons, and videos

2. Conquer Today. A website with tons of free, useful information on how to live a healthy and engaging life including blogs and tools to organize your priorities

3. 7 Cups. A therapy service that offers 24/7 support from a volunteer listener, 24/7 chat rooms, and affordable confidential, professional, online therapy.

4. Insight Timer. A meditation app and website with thousands of free recordings given by mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford, and many more distinguished institutions.

5.Mindfulness for Teens. Mindfulness for Teens is a complete resource to guide teens in practicing mindfulness through apps, guided meditations, and more. 

6. Teen Substance Abuse and Addiction Information The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is an addiction treatment center for teens and adults alike. Refer to this page to learn about teen substance abuse and addiction. 


1.Headspace. A wonderful and popular mindfulness app designed for help with anxiety, sleep, stress, four, and more. 

2. Calm. A popular app that focuses on meditation on sleep. Here you can find a plethora of resources, including Harry Styles reading you a bedtime story! 🙂

3. Mindshift. Mindshift is consistently reviewed as one of the best apps for anxiety specifically targeted at teenagers and younger individuals.

4. Pacifica. Pacifica is an app designed to help with stress, anxiety, and depression through cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, mindfulness, tracking, and more. 

5. My 3- Support Network .This app helps teens in suicide prevention and is possibly one of the most crucial apps to have. It contains the contact of numerous crisis sources, coping strategies, as well as the contact of three, trusted contacts, hence where it got its name. 

6. Oak. Oak is a wonderful meditation and breathing app. It offers guided meditations, breathing exercises to help you relax, nature sounds to play as you fall asleep, and more. It has 25,000 ratings on the App Store and a rating of 4.8/5!


1.Penzu. A free online, fully-customizable journal for you to write down anything you want to get off your chest