Mental Health Favorites

Since the start of quarantine, I’ve been indulging in a lot more books, podcasts, and guilt-free Youtube binging. Through these last months, I’ve particularly enjoyed a couple of entertainments. Some of these are purely informative, others are inspiring, and others have helped ground me when I felt lost and somber. I hope that these recommendations can serve as a compiled list of resources for you to look back to whenever you need it- enjoy! 


  1. The Happiness Lab” with Dr. Laurie Santos

Description: Yale professor, Dr. Laurie Santos, presents scientific research in the field of psychology and inspiring stories to “change the way you think about happiness.” 

Great for: Self-improvement, inspiration

  1. Hidden Brain” by NPR 

Description: Shankar Vedantam reveals “unconscious patterns that drive human behavior” through hosting some of the most insightful conversations with distinguished psychologists, storytellers, movie directors, and many clothes.  Some of my favorite episodes have been “A Creature of Habit” and “Not at the Dinner Table.” 

Great for: Melting your brain with various curiosities, those curious about psychology and the brain


  1. “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor

Description: Shawn Achor, a lecturer at Harvard,  breaks the misconception that once we are successful, we will be happy and effectively reverses that to become once we are happy, we will be successful. Drawing upon his own research and various other studies in positive psychology, Shawn provides readers with seven concrete principles to maximize our happiness, and therefore, our potential. 

Great for: Learning concrete, scientifically proven methods to improve your life;  learning about numerous groundbreaking psychological studies


  1. “The Science of Well-Being Coursera” by Dr. Laurie Santos (Host of the Happiness Lab Podcast)

Description: Originally developed for Yale University students, Dr. Laurie Santos provides this fully FREE course to teach us specific ways to incorporate wellness into our lives through productive habits, debunking misconceptions, and more. 

Great for: Everyone! Everyone can benefit from knowledge to improve our happiness. Dr. Laurie Santos 

Youtube Videos:

  1. 5- Minute Meditation

Description: My go-to, quick mindfulness in the morning or for any time I need to pause and take a breather.

Great for: Mornings, calming down

  1. Psych 2 Go channel

Description: Psych 2 Go is truly one of my favorite Youtube channels. They make psychology and mental health education widely accessible for everyone in an easily understandable medium.  

Great for: Anyone looking for an easily-digestible, fun, and adorably-animated way to learn about psychology 

  1. Kurzgesagt Loneliness

Description: Kurzgesagt, better known for their informative videos about astronomy and the environment, also have a wonderful series of videos called “Human Stuff” where they delve into subjects surrounding the human experience. One of my favorites is “Loneliness” because they take enlightening stances on the subject. 

Great for: Anyone hoping to learn about the nature of loneliness beyond a feeling

  1. The Science of Depression

Description: ASAP Science has always been one of my favorite Youtube channels because of its lovable video-style. This video introduces some introductory neuroscience and psychological mechanisms behind depression that prompt viewers to think about depression from a new lens. 

Great for: Learning about the science behind depression


  1. 5- Minute Morning Yoga by Yoga with Adrienne

Description: My go-to morning yoga. It’s a perfectly balanced, gentle yet invigorating morning wakeup. 

Great for: Those just entering the realm of yoga- beginner friendly (aka me!)

  1. Yoga for Depression by Yoga With Adrienne

Description: A gentle 15-minute pick-me-up for when you need to give yourself some well-deserved love.

Great for: When you’ve been feeling down, use this take an active pause to take care of yourself.  I’ve used this before and felt so much better afterward. 

Ted Talks: 

  1. I am Depressed

Description: Dianna Paige shares openly about her ongoing battle with mental health problems in a candid and inspiring TEDTalk. 

Great for: A relatable yet informative TEDTalk to remind you are stronger than you think and not alone in this battle 

  1. The power of believing that you can improve

Description: Carol Dweck, whose research coined the term growth mindset, gives a powerful TEDTalk on harnessing your individual potential by “believing you can improve.”

Great for: Anyone. I’ve been in a motivational slump recently and this has helped me out! 

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