Five Ways to Reach Out to a Friend During Quarantine

Hey there! I hope you’re all doing well. Here are Five Ways to Reach Out to a Friend During Quarantine. Shall we?

Yes, we shall, but I want to precede this article with something important. Many of us overthink. It’s what happens when we look out for ourselves by creating doubt and then justify that doubt by calling it realism. But we still aren’t sure, and when we are we have to double-check, and keep thinking about it more… and more… and more. In this article, it’s paramount for you to understand that reaching out to a friend, distant or close, boy or girl, whoever it may be, has a super low chance of being perceived negatively. It shows that you thought of them, and cared enough to reach out and see how they’re doing. It’s almost like a compliment in itself! Also, after reading this article you certainly shouldn’t underestimate the immense power of reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s one of the best selfless acts you can do right now. Why not build up some good karma, right?

Now, here are the 5 ways to reach out to a friend:

  1. Standard check-in. You might’ve caught this in the second sentence of this article, “hope you’re all doing well.” Literally even if you’re just saying you hope they’re doing well, it’s such a nice thing to hear. This kind of kindness has been lacking recently, people need to be getting messages like this way more often! Maybe try to make it a goal to reach out to one person per week, or per month, or maybe per day? Whatever you’re comfortable with.
  2. Send a letter. Ok, I’ll admit that this one is a little bit strange. It may be an seemingly outdated and unnecessary amount of work, but from experience I’ll tell you this one is really well received. A nice heartwarming letter is a unique, and more personal way to send your regards to someone. Having a tangible message feels a lot more touching than just a text. Pun intended.
  3. Share an old picture. If you have a nice picture of you and a friend, send it to them! Remind them of a nicer time you shared together. Have some fun thinking of a witty caption to go along with it. It’s bound to bring a smile to their face. 
  4. Memes. I’m not huge with memes but I’ve found in the past a quick gif or photo that relates to an inside joke or something you and another person went through together is a great conversation starter, and a lighthearted way to check in on someone else.
  5. Try and schedule a facetime. We all miss in-person interaction. Regardless of how much quarantine is limiting your out-of-house excursions, there’s bound to be people who you just haven’t gotten the chance to see. So this is an option too, who knows what’ll happen.

So go ahead and give these a try! Reaching out like this might be something you don’t typically do, but I encourage you to leave your comfort zone just a wee bit and see what happens. Your call though 🙂 Just one last thing. People will respond by asking how you are in return. Give your pals the benefit of the doubt, assume that they’re asking because they care, not just out of courtesy. Don’t feel shy answering their question and talking about yourself, nothing wrong with that in moderation.

I’ll leave you with a nice little quote, 

“there’s always a million reasons not to do something.” -Jan Levinson

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