Born Ordinarily, Live Extraordinarily

Growing up, we were often taught that today’s temporary sacrifice results in tomorrow’s promising success. While most people live by this principle like programmed robots, stuck in various routines that have accumulated during the years; only very few ever crack the code and question: with my limited time on earth, could the state of promising fulfill the remaining emptiness within myself?

As individuals we overload ourselves to be ahead in life, we drift with the crowd to seek validation from others, and we tangle up with distress until we have squandered our youth to an end, we lamented that we never grasped it well. Days and days pass by, we never lived a full life, and we didn’t cherish ourselves especially. We always waste time while feeling the rapid passing of it. In the end, we only lost to ourselves.

To live life to the fullest does not mean starting your own six, seven, or eight figure company, it does not mean visiting all 50 states of the United States, and it most definitely does not mean getting into the best college in the world. In fact, just as there is not a universal cure for all diseases, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to living a full life. We all have various physical features, emotional needs, past experiences, and future goals in life. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to try to understand yourself. In other words, learn to discover the beauty of your own life.

In today’s busy era of information, entering a daze allows me to forget my identity, status, and the definition of external material. As humans, we play different roles on different occasions; but when we are in our own isolated territory, we belong to only ourselves, a true self. We are worried about setbacks, so we keep adding goals to our lives. We are afraid of being alone, so we always look for crowds to join. We are scared of losing, so we always hold on tightly and don’t let go. Try to give yourself a period of daze, so that you can return to the pure state when you were born. You will find that the world is so beautiful, and there are many beautiful things around you.

To me, living life to the fullest is immersing myself in the human experience. It means that I relinquish the need of being liked by others and concentrate more on myself. It means that I don’t repress my emotions because I’m afraid of the pain. It means that I can forget the past, enjoy the present, and accept the future. It means that I’m willing to say yes when I want to say no because the “yes” will push me forward. It means that I’m willing to say no when I want to say yes because the “no” will consolidate my steps. It means that I’m ready to put in long hours when necessary and to walk away when necessary, too. It means that while my life may not be easy, it is worthwhile.

Most people come to this realization too late. They go through life unconsciously, waiting for a change to their ordinary lives but doing nothing to make it happen. Many years later, they wish that they had lived the lives their souls called for, that they had the strength to speak out, and that they had allowed themselves to be happier. We can briskly reach our deathbeds by rushing past all of the obstacles and not overcoming any of them. We can speak in front of an audience but never be heard. We can smile without really being happy. But we can also choose to live life extraordinarily. At any moment including right now, we have the ability to give ourselves lives worth living.

On this quiet night, I’m once again dazing. In front of me is a quote that I saw earlier on the internet today: “Some things are not worthy of occupying your emotions. Life is just an experience. Please enjoy yourself.” Maybe it is. Each of us comes to the world to experience different things. In the process of experience, it is inevitable that we will be unsatisfactory and feel lost, but what’s the problem? In the process of finishing this unknown journey, each of us holds an answer in the palm of his/her hand. We know the ending of the whole story, but we don’t want to admit it or say it. In fact, we all understand it.

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