Adam Xu

Life’s a Process

Life is a rollercoaster with ups and downs, loopty-loops, and everything in between. Here I discuss some of the lessons I’ve learned from the gym that allow me to tackle whatever is in front of me.

Something Worth Waking Up For

In my opinion, perspective is everything in life, and finding causes or reasons to not only live but to live with passion is the key to happiness in life. People around the world have suffered and continue to suffer life-altering events or ailments but still, somehow find a way to persevere and find happiness. In this article, I take a look at some of these cases, and hopefully, it’ll inspire someone out there to find their ‘why’.

Melting Away Stress w/ Candles!

This article takes a deep dive into an easy method of stress relief, burning scented candles, and goes into detail about the science behind their soothing abilities. Hopefully, this can help someone relax a little bit during this turbulent time.

Cursing and Mental Health (I Swear it’s Good for You)

Disclaimer: Before we go any further I want to emphasize that the Heads Up Teens Team and I do not condone the use of cursing as a malicious tool for division or verbal abuse. Growing up I think most of us were taught not to curse and were even given goofy alternatives like “H-E-doubly hockey …

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