20 Better Self-Talk Affirmations

Hey! Your internal dialogue guides your emotions ,and sometimes it may not be so positive. If you ever catch yourself saying some of these common phrases in your head, try changing your perspective to think of things in a more positive light.

(Credits of first 9: @werenotreallystrangers via instagram)

  1. That was so stupid of me→ That was so human of me. 
  2. Why is this happening to me? → What is this experience teaching me? 
  3. I hope they like me. → I hope I like them. Liking someone is more about compatibility than inherent worth. 
  4. I wish I had their life. → What have I taken for granted recently?
  5. I don’t look good today. → What do I love most about myself today that isn’t physical? What values do I bring the world  beyond just my appearance?
  6. My love life sucks. → My past relationships haven’t been ideal. Moving forward I will apply the lessons I’ve learned to allow the right person into my life. 
  7. I keep messing things up. → My mistakes are my greatest teachers. What do I keep doing that keeps hurting? What accountability do I need to take? How can I be kinder towards myself when I make mistakes?
  8. If I admit I’m wrong I’ll seem weak. → Evolving my point of view when presented with new information is a sign of strength. 
  9. I’m not enough. → I am worthy of all the things I want. Even the things that feel out of reach. 
  10. I’m untalented and not special. → I am unique in my own way. I shouldn’t compare myself to the highlighted achievements of others. 
  11. Why does no one like me? → Not everyone has to like me and no one is liked by everyone. I can try being kinder and more open to others in the future, but should not change to satisfy other people. 
  12. I have no motivation to do anything, I’m lazy. → I deserve to have a mental health break day once in a while for self-care. I may be going through a difficult time but have the ability to bounce back. 
  13. My body is ugly. → I’m beautiful just the way I am and will not conform to societal standards. My shape doesn’t matter as long as I am healthy. 
  14. I deserve to be sad. → I deserve to be happy even if I made a mistake. I’m allowed to reach out for help and be unashamed about my feelings. 
  15. I have crazy thoughts. →  Everyone has silently intrusive thoughts at times. 
  16. I’m incapable of school and stress. → I’m capable of anything I put my mind to. I’m allowed to communicate with my teachers and those around and reach out for help. Reaching out for help doesn’t make me weak. 
  17. Everyone is happier than me. → Everyone has difficult times that may be hidden below the surface. If I’m seriously struggling, I deserve to take care of myself and reach out to the resources I need. (Psychiatrist, Counseling, Medication, talking to trusted friends, etc)
  18. I’m an idiot. → I’m not understanding this right now and simply need more time to process it- and that’s ok. 
  19. If only I hadn’t ____. → It’s easier to look back and think we easily could’ve predicted the future. I will learn from this experience and approach decisions differently in the future. 
  20. They must think I’m ____. → Their thoughts are just their thoughts, nothing more or less. I shouldn’t focus and stress over other people’s thoughts.

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